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Section 6.1 Contracts: The Board may authorize any Officer, agent or employee to enter into any contract or execute
and deliver any instrument in the name of and on behalf of the UBSDA.
Section 6.2 Loans: No loan shall be contracted on behalf of the UBSDA, and no evidence of indebtedness shall be
issued in its name unless authorized by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Such authority may be general or
confined to specific instances.
Section 6.3 Checks, Drafts, Etc: All checks, drafts or other orders for the payment of money, notes or other evidence
of indebtedness issued in the name of the UBSDA shall be signed by the UBSDA Treasurer, or such agent of the
UBSDA and in such a manner as shall from time to time be determined by the Board.

Section 7.1 Appointing Committees of the Club: The Board shall each year appoint such standing committees as
needed to advance the operation of the UBSDA or to aid the Board on particular projects. Such committees shall always
be subject to the final authority of the Board. The Board may assign the selection of committee members and/or
committee chairs to the President if it so wishes.
Section 7.2 Appointing Subcommittees of the Board: In accordance with New Mexico statutes, the Board may
choose to appoint subcommittees of itself to promote its ability to act. Such subcommittees shall be composed entirely
of serving Board Members. Such subcommittees of the Board shall in all cases present a report to the Board, and only
the Board acting as itself shall ratify or reject the report. These subcommittees of the Board shall not have the power to
act as if they were the Board.
Section 7.3 Terminating (Sub)Committee Appointments: Any committee appointment may be terminated at any
time by majority vote of the full membership of the Board. The Board shall then give written notice to the appointee(s)
whose services are terminated, and the Board may appoint successors to those persons whose service has been

Section 8.1 UKC Suspension: Any member who is suspended from the privileges of the UKC shall be automatically
suspended from the privileges of the UBSDA for a like period of time.
Section 8.2.0 Charges Against Members: Any member may bring charges against another member for violations of
the UKC Rules and Regulations or misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of UBSDA or the Breed. The charges
must be in writing, and must allege with specificity the violations and/or misconduct which are alleged to have been
committed by the member being accused. It is not sufficient to merely allege a violation has taken place, or that a
person committed misconduct. The charges must specifically identify how the person allegedly violated the rule and/or
what the misconduct was and how the misconduct was prejudicial to the club or breed. Any documentary evidence
supporting the allegations must be attached to the charges. If there is none, the charges must be accompanied by at
least one (1) written affidavit of a witness other than the complainant who witnessed or heard, or otherwise has
demonstrable personal knowledge of, the alleged violation or misconduct that is subscribed and sworn to under penalty
of perjury in the presence of a notary public.
Section 8.2.1 Manner of Filing: The original charges (along with the supporting documents and/or affidavit(s)) must
be filed with the Recording Secretary, and accompanied by ten (10) additional copies of same together with a certified
check in the amount of one hundred-fifty dollars ($150.00), which is non-refundable if the charges are not sustained
following a hearing. The original, ten (10) copies, and certified check shall be sent certified mail, return receipt
Section 8.2.2 Procedure After Filing: Within ten (10) days after receiving the properly filed charges, the Recording
Secretary shall distribute one (1) copy of the charges to each Board Member. A copy of the charges shall be sent by
certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person(s) being charged.
Section 8.2.3 Time for Response: The person(s) being charged shall have twenty one (21) days following receipt of
the charges to file a written response to same with the Board by sending an original and ten (10) copies of his or her
response, via certified mail, to the Recording Secretary. The response may include documentary evidence, as well as
affidavits of witnesses to the events complained of.
Section 8.2.4 Board's Review: The Board shall review the charges and any response thereto and make an initial
determination whether or not the allegations contained in the charges, together with any response thereto, merit a
hearing on this issue of whether or not violations have taken place or misconduct has been committed. If there exist any
questions of fact regarding the events as determined by a majority vote of the Board, which, if proven to be true, would
constitute violations of the UKC rules and regulations, and/or misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the
Association or the

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