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response thereto and make an initial determination whether or not the allegations contained in the charges, together
with any response thereto, merit a hearing on this issue of whether or not violations have taken place, duties have not
been performed, and/or misconduct has been committed. If there exist any questions of fact regarding the events as
determined by a majority vote of the Hearing Panel, which, if proven to be true, would constitute violations of the UKC
rules and regulations, and/or misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Association or the breed, the Hearing
Panel must hold a formal hearing within thirty (30) days at a time and place as convenient as possible to the complainant
(s), the respondent(s) and a majority of the Hearing Panel. If there is no agreement on a location after two (2) votes, the
hearing shall be held in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The initial vote to determine whether or not to hold a hearing, and the
participation in the hearing by some of the members of the Hearing Panel may be by conference telephone call, the
expense of which shall be borne by the UBSDA. Both sides may be represented by counsel at their sole expense. Both
sides may call witnesses and present evidence. The Hearing Panel shall render a written decision within fourteen (14)
days following the conclusion of the hearing. The decision shall be reached by a majority vote of the Hearing Panel. If a
majority of the Hearing Panel vote that no violation has occurred and/or no misconduct has been committed, a notice
that “there is no cause for action” shall be sent to both parties and thereafter the records of such proceeding shall be
destroyed. Until such time as a decision of the Hearing Panel has been rendered following a formal hearing, all
proceedings of the Hearing Panel regarding this matter shall be confidential so as not to expose the Board or the
Hearing Panel to charges of slander and/or libel in disseminating accusations which may later prove to be false. The
only information which is considered public information and capable of being distributed for the information of the club in
general is the final decision of the Hearing Panel following a formal hearing.
Section 8.4 Communicating Complaints to the Board: All communications from the membership in the form of
complaints (other than as specified above) shall be in writing and mailed to the Recording Secretary via US Mail.  The
use of e-mail for membership communication that is in the nature of a complaint is specifically prohibited.  No member
may impose any deadlines for response on the Board other than as specified herein. It shall be grounds for disciplinary
action for any member to harass or coerce any Board Member.
Section 8.5 Penalties: The Hearing Panel may impose such penalties consistent with the nature of the offense which
has been proven before it, and shall include both suspension from the UBSDA for periods ranging from one month to
one year, and expulsion from the UBSDA for periods ranging from one year to life, but the Hearing Panel shall not be
limited to choosing between suspension and expulsion.  In the event that the Hearing Panel decides on a penalty of
Expulsion for Life, this penalty must be confirmed by a majority written ballot of Regular Members in good standing at
the next Annual Membership Meeting.  If the Expulsion for Life is not sustained at the Annual Membership Meeting, the
penalty shall become Expulsion for One Year.  Any expelled member shall be immediately removed from office and
barred from serving in office again.

Section 9.1 How Initiated: Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws and to the Standard of the Breed may be
proposed by the Board of Directors or by written petition addressed to the Recording Secretary and signed by twenty
(20) percent of the membership in good standing. Amendments proposed by such petition shall be promptly considered
by the Board of Directors and must be submitted with the Board of Directors’ recommendations to the membership for a
vote within three (3) months of the receipt of the petition by the Recording Secretary. Under no circumstances shall any
poll of the membership be considered as a vote. All votes on Constitutional and Breed Standard changes must be
submitted to the membership for a formal vote.
Section 9.2 Voting: Each member shall receive a ballot via US Mail from the Corresponding Secretary on which to
indicate a choice for or against the action to be taken. The notice shall plainly state that the ballot is due to be returned
to the Corresponding Secretary via US Mail by a specific date, not less than thirty (30) days from the date of mailing.
The ballot may be included with the ballot for the annual election, or may be a separate mailing. A favorable vote, as
specified below, of the regular members in good standing whose ballots have been returned within the time limit shall be
necessary to pass any amendment. The votes required are as follows:
a) For all amendments except those which pertain to changes or modifications to the UKC Breed Standard for the
Belgian Shepherd Dog, a two-thirds (2/3) favorable vote of valid ballots;
b) For changes, alterations or modifications of the UKC Breed Standard for the Belgian Shepherd Dog proposed by the
Board of Directors which directly reflects FCI changes, a majority favorable vote of valid ballots. Any language
conversion controversy shall be adjudicated by the FCI and the UBSDA jointly.

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