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The founders of the UBSDA embraced the UKC's decision to register the BSD as one breed with four varieties here in the United States as they are considered world-wide. UKC's standard for the Belgian Shepherd Dog is based upon the  Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) standard

Our shows are just a little bit different from what you may be used to. The pace is relaxed, and exhibitors are encouraged to wear casual clothes as it the dogs' appearance, not their own, which is being evaluated. All dogs are given the opportunity to look their best using UBSDA's unique feature of "assisted animation" and each owner receives a written critique.

Judges will utilize “assisted animation” (for no more than three minutes per dog) to assess expression, carriage, etc., at some time during the judging of each dog in each class.

“Assisted Animation” is defined as follows: Assisted Animation involves two people. One is a designated handler, who holds the dog’s lead and makes no attempt to stack or animate the dog. The other being the person who stands away from the dog, but does not leave the ring, and attempts to animate the dog by calling to it or making noises. During the Judge’s individual appraisal of each dog, the dog will be held by the designated handler.

The designated handler may be:

  1.  The primary handler of the dog (i.e. - the person noted on the official UKC entry form as the handler of the dog);

  2. An alternate - a person other than the primary handler. This could be the steward or any other capable person designated by the primary handler.

While the dog is being held by the designated handler, the other person performs the assisted animation, and  the Judge appraises it. This allows the Judge to see the expression, carriage, and natural stance of the dog more clearly. The designated handler is to use discretion and common sense during the procedure.

All regular UKC Official Dog Show Rules apply to this portion of the judging. Baiting with squeakers, toys or food is entirely at the Judge’s discretion.

The actual hands-on examination and gaiting of the dog are to be done only while the primary handler is in control of the dog, not during the assisted animation portion of the judging. Exhibitors and spectators outside the ring are not, under any circumstances, to engage in animation activities. This is considered “double-handling” and is forbidden under the UKC Rules and Regulations.

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